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CCO was well represented at WRTC 2006 by members VE3EJ, John,  VE3DZ, Yuri and VE3XB, Yuri.

CCO VP John (VE3EJ) Brings Home the Gold!

From the ARRL report "The Canadian team of John Sluymer, VE3EJ, and Jim Roberts, VE7ZO (ex-VE3IY), has officially topped the 46-team World Radiosport Team Championship 2006 (WRTC-2006) field with nearly 2.44 million points (see "WRTC-2006 Final Scores"). Operating as PT5M during the event, they will take home gold medals for the 2006 competition." See ARRL website for the complete story.


Yuri (VE3DZ) Joins the Ukrainian Team for 4th Place

Taking the fourth spot was the Ukrainian team of Yuri Onipko, UT4UZ, and Dimitry Stashuk, UT5UGR, who competed as PW5X. They'd showed up in fifth place in the preliminary standings. The national team from Ukraine logged some 2.02 million point. 9A8A and 9A5K had been holding onto fourth place in the preliminary scoring until the last hour, when they dropped to sixth. After log checking, the PT5N team dropped to seventh.

Yuri (VE3XB) Joins the Curitiba Team for 3rd Place in the MN MS Category

Yuri (VE3XB) was part of a multinational (PY5EG) Curitiba team that took 3rd place in the MN MS a new category at the WRTC.  See all of the results at

ZW5B team: Front row l-r: Yuri VE3XB, Alex RA1AIP,
Rasha YU1RL and our host Joćo PY5JO.
Second row: Casimiro PY5ZHP, Dirceu PY5IP, PR7AB Junior.


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