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Score Posting


Score Submission

Scores must be submitted to the contest organizers in addition to the methods described here. On this page we talk about submitting your contest score to be included on CCO's claimed scores pages.

There are two methods for submitting your contest score. It is preferable that you use both. If you prefer to use only one method then it is recommended that you post to 3830.


The 3830 site is an independent site that contesters use to announce their claimed scores to the contest community. You do not need to register to use this site.

When you post your score to 3830 a summary page is created that you can copy and the paste in an email to the CCO e-group (if you have joined). Alternately there is an option to be emailed your summary which you can then forward to the CCO e-group.

CCO E-group

CCO is an e-group at that CCO has registered to be used by any and all CCO members. In addition to score posting the e-group can be used to send messages, store files and many other activities.

To post a score to CCO e-group go to the CCO site and post your score summary. An alternate method, and much easier, is to send an email containing your score summary to

Join the CCO e-Group


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