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 Become a Member

To become a CCO member send an email to the Club Secretary Richard Ferch VE3KI  with your name and callsign requesting membership. 

Email: ve3iay at gmail dot com

or you can use this handy form to request or update membership.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is needed to become a CCO member?

An Amateur Radio license, an interest in contesting and an affiliation to the Province of Ontario.

Is there a Membership Fee?

No, there is no membership fee. However, once a year at our annual BBQ there is a request for donations to help support club activities. Look for the announcement on the website and on ve3_contest for the BBQ which typically occurs in August. Also check our Donations page.

Are there Monthly Meetings?

No. We usually meet for the annual BBQ in August and a luncheon in January.

What does CCO do?

As our name suggests we are primarily Amateur Radio Contesters. Read the introduction on the CCO home page for more information.

Is that All?

Well contesting does take up a lot of our time but here are some other things that may interest you.

  • At our annual BBQ awards in the form of our sCCOre award are presented to our active members. See the sCCOre page for details.

  • The Ontario QSO Party is becoming one of the top QSO parties in North America and it is run by CCO.

  • CCO maintains a tally of Canadian Record scores for the primary contests entered by Canadian Amateurs.

  • We maintain both claimed scores and final scores for CCO members for the contest in which  we participate. These are posted regularly on the CCO website.

If you have any other questions please email Rich at the address given at the top of this page or any of the CCO Executive. We all have addresses.


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