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VHF Contest Primer (PDF)

Written by Steve Kavanagh, VE3SMA this is an introduction to VHF/UHF contesting for those who have never tried it before, but are familiar with HF contesting.

RTTY Starter (PDF)

An introduction by Don Cassel, VE3XD into setting up your station for RTTY, choosing the software and operating a RTTY contest.

K1TTT e-book (free download) E-Book on how to build a contest superstation
Learning to Run - (PDF 1.4Mb) Harry VA3EC's article (TCA - Nov 2015) on how to learn to Run in CW Contests
Links Description
Northern California Contest Club Website

N.C.C.C. has a selection of webinars on their website.

Icom Video

Icom has a great multi-media video which features, among other things, a visit to K3LR. Check it out. Articles

In the "How to" section of Article you will find a variety of discussions on contesting. Check out a pre-contest check list, how to submit logs, beginner's guide to Sprint, a Sleep strategy, and more.

EI8IC's Ham Radio Resources Website

Tim (EI8IC) has created a useful site that contains a section on HF contesting.

Low Profile Contesting

Just have an average station with low power and small antennas. Then this page is for you.

The Sprint Survival Web Page

If you want to get started with this specific contest then here is the place to start.

This site is dedicated to RTTY mode contesting using WriteLog for Windows.

Google Search

Do a Google search for other contest related sites.

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