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Hello CCO,

I am pleased to announce the details of our upcoming annual Winter Meeting (Virtual).

Feb 3rd
Registration is now closed. We have 66 registrants so it's a big, big crowd!
Thank you for joining in! The 6 speakers and the 3 organizers have been busy preparing, and all is looking good for the Saturday conference.

Conference moderators: Ron VE3VN, Bob VA3RKM, Tony VE3RZ

The schedule of events:
11:30 - 12:00  Open Mic
12:00 - 12:45  Rick VE3MM: 160/80 meter FCP vertical
12:45 -  1:30  Dana VE3DS: VHF/UHF contesting
 1:30 -  2:15  Steve VE6WZ: High-performance 160 meter remote
 2:15 -  3:00  Chris VO2AC/VE3FU: CQ 160 Expedition to VO2
 3:00 -  3:45  Cezar VE3LYC: TX0T and other IOTA Dxpeditions
 3:45 -  4:30  John VE3EJ: 160 meter 3-element vertical yagi
 4:30 -  5:00  AGM

A few brief instructions, and there are additional details below.
  • Do not share the Zoom conference link! This helps us to ensure privacy and security.
  • Within Zoom please include your call sign in your name (see below).
  • New to Zoom? Please practice before the conference (again, see below).
  • Keep your mic muted during the talks. You must use Zoom text chat to ask questions. Disruptions will be strongly discouraged.
  • We'll announce mobile numbers to send SMS if you desperately need help during the conference. You can also use chat.
  • URL below, or you can join using the meeting# and passcode. Join the open mic session if you wish to talk to others, but do connect a few minutes before the noon start. We will be prompt.
  • Slow internet? Mute your mic and camera. Zoom automatically shrinks the downstream video when there is a speed issue. Turn off all other apps and devices that might try to download stuff during the conference or you may experience disruptions.
For novices to the Zoom experience, Vlad VE3TM put together a few tips, and I've edited to add my own thoughts.

1. If you have a choice of computers, use the most powerful ones. Using a laptop is quite risky, especially older ones. Your laptop may be just fine for Skype but Zoom and other video conferences are more resource-hungry. For the same reason, when you are prompted you should download and install the Zoom app for a better experience. You may suffer severe resource issues using Zoom within a browser window.
- install the app from before the conference

2. You can watch a Zoom conference without a mic or camera. If you plan on active participation you will need a web camera and a microphone. Available options are:
- a webcam with a built-in mike + external speakers or a pair of headphones 
- a webcam and a headset with a built-in mike
- a laptop with built-in webcam, mike and speakers (optional headphones)

3. Using Zoom normally does not necessarily require an initial setup. However you may wish to go to and sign up. It will allow you to manage your settings off-line, before a conference. It includes mike check and, most importantly, video check. The video check includes choosing a good camera location and light setup (both are quite important).

4. If you are not sure whether your PC or internet connection is good enough for Zoom, you may consider a trial Zoom dialog with a friend. Make it at least 30-60 minutes long to make sure your machine can handle a substantial traffic. Zoom is free for private use for a limited time and a limited number of meeting attendees.

5. The conference host will send you an invitation. If instructed to do so, enter the meeting number and a password. You probably won't need it if you simply click on the URL provided in the e-mail you received. 

6. During a conference you will be able to watch streamed video quite similarly to Youtube watching. In addition, you will also have a possibility to enter video dialogs. You will be able to chat (exchange instant text messages) with the host, the speaker and the whole audience. There are open and private chat options. The chat room is located on the right hand side of the screen. It is a good practice to greet attendees in the chat when somebody joins a meeting.
- to ask questions of the speaker, use text chat and not the mic

7. Clicking on your video "square" you have some options. We recommend setting your name as your first name and call. For example "Ron VE3VN".

8. If your setup allows you to use a 2-monitor setup, go for that. It is most useful as you can see the audience on one monitor and watch presentations on another one. Certainly it is especially useful for a host.  

73 Ron VE3VN

Dec 16th
Only a couple of days since my last update and the schedule is tentatively full. However don't let that stop you from stepping forward! We can add one or two more with rubber clocking.

Among the organizers we discussed inviting a talk about Cycle 25 forecasts/predictions. That isn't really necessary now since Contest University is having that very talk by K9LA at noon January 23. Details and registration:

There are many good amateur radio conferences and presentations on contests, DX and other topics to be found on YouTube, Zoom and elsewhere. Look around. The CCO video conference is unique by primarily focussing on ourselves.

73 Ron VE3VN

Dec 14th
This event is going ahead. As of now I have 4-1/2 confirmed speakers. Once I hit 6 I'll stop, unless I am suddenly inundated with talk proposals!
With 6 talks my tentative plan (technology permitting) is for 3 time slots, and you'll have to choose which of the two in each you want to attend.
There will be a separate and common slot for the CCO business meeting, deferred from its usual August time. Conference duration on Feb 6th should be from 3 to 4 hours.

Consider this a last call for speakers. Right now we have palm trees, ice, antennas, contests, etc. I can't believe more of you don't want to share a good story about contests, technology you're playing with, or a favourite antenna.
Don't be shy, and please get in touch. I plan to firm up the schedule and publish it in early January.
Logistics and registration/passcodes will follow later in January.

73 Ron VE3VN


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