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OQP Log Submission

Fill in the required information and enter your entire Cabrillo or text log (not ADIF) into the log entry box via the "choose file" or the copy and paste method.
Drag and drop will not work
You can also type your log directly into the box if you used a paper log.
Please use one line per contact.
Your browser must have javascript enabled.
"Brave" brower has issues with the perl mail script at our web host, so it may not work. If you get an error, try it with another browser.
See sample Cabrillo and sample text pages for formatting your data.

Thanks for participating in the OQP for 2024!


Email address

Ontario County/Region
or Province/State


Claimed Score


Fixed Station


Single Op Mixed QRP

Rover Single Op


Rover Multi Op



Single Op Mixed High Power


Single Op Mixed Low Power


Single Op High Power Phone


Single Op Low Power Phone


Single Op High Power CW


Single Op Low Power CW




Log entry:
(Choose your cabrillo file via the browse button OR manually copy and paste your cabrillo file into the text box.
If the "Choose File" was successful, your log will show in the text box.


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