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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I operate on a county line and give out both counties?

Yes. This has become common practice in other QSO Parties where one can operate on a county line and give out contacts for both counties. A separate QSO must be logged for each county.

What is the difference between mobile and rover?

You are starting the contest with antennas mounted on a vehicle that can be used in motion. This makes you mobile. Changing loggers, drivers oroperators does not change the definition.

You become a rover when you use antennas that are set up and taken down from specific locations. Presumably these antennas are better than the purely mobile antennas, hence the different definition.

With either a mobile or rover, all antennas must be transported by the vehicle. You cannot travel between stations that have fixed antennas and use those antennas as part of a mobile or rover operation.

Either way you enter the same Mobile/Rover Category in the OQP. They are NOT separate categories.

Can I change category partway through the contest?

If you want to change categories partway through the contest, you must change call signs. There is no provision to vary categories with the same call sign.

Can I change from multi-op to single-op during the contest?

No. Once you operate as a multi-op station then you are multi for the duration.

Is there a 10 minute rule for M/S stations?


If I'm in Ontario may I work stations outside of Ontario for points?

For sure! You get the same multiplier points for another province, state, or DX station as you do for an Ontario station. We would urge you to get on the higher HF bands and work as many of these stations as possible.

Stations outside of Ontario only work Ontario stations for points.

May I operate the contest using a single band?

Yes, but as there is no single band category you would enter as a single operator. You would still be eligible for certificates but would be competing with all band operators.

How was it determined what city becomes a multiplier in the OQP?

These categories are those set by the provincial government. The various categories are Regions, Counties, Single Tier (Cities) and Districts and are shown on this web page.

What Category am I in if I operate an HF station located remotely in one county and a VHF station locally in a different county?

Remote operation is permitted. However, using fixed antennas at two different locations is not permitted. You can use two different callsigns to reflect that you are activating two different counties. At the same time, you cannot "work yourself" - use a remote station in a different county to contact yourself where your HF station is located. Your exchange multiplier is where your transmitter is located.

Can I work CW on VHF/UHF?

Yes. Historically there has been very little CW activity on these bands but if you can find someone to work contacts in CW are worth points just as they are on the HF bands.

How can I submit a text log with a few contacts. I don't have a fancy logging program that can generate a cabrillo file.

Bruce Horn, WA7BNM has added a text to cabrillo converter on his website at: - you can enter your contacts and it will generate a suitable cabrillo file for you to copy and paste into our webform.

Remember, we need an easy way to score your log! Computer logging these days is not that difficult, and we encourage you to use one if you are not already. Many contests now require log submissions in Cabrillo format.

Can I submit one cabrillo file to both the OQP and the Quebec QSO Party?

Yes you can, but because the multipliers are different between the parties, you have to "double log" each Ontario <> Quebec QSO. In other words, you log your ON multiplier with the Quebec station as "QC" and then you log an additional contact with the Quebec multiplier and your qth as "ON" The scoring software used in both contests will ignore the "wrong" QSO lines. Your total QSO count will be off, but it will score correctly when it is reviewed.

Updated 28 Feb 2023


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