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Scores Summary 2003

Contest Date   Claimed Totals 
NAQP CW January 847,421
ARRL January VHF Sweeps January 104,540
NAQP SSB January 244,702
CQ 160 CW January 2,824,656
NA Sprint CW February 68,155
ARRL International DX CW February 13,542,573
CQ 160 SSB February 666,915
ARRL International DX SSB March 12,337,819
CQ WPX Phone March 19,468,534
Florida QSO Party April 219,592
Ontario QSO Party April 2,433,641
CQ WPX CW May 13,443,507
ARRL June VHF QSO Party June 110,927
RAC Canada Day July 2,148,150
NAQP RTTY July 234,636
NAQP SSB August  285,503
WAE CW August  2,907,355
NAQP CW August  378,535
NA Sprint CW September  56,450
NA Sprint SSB September  11,450
ARRL VHF QSO Party September  66,171
WAE SSB September  2,938,711
California QSO Party October  722,218
NA Sprint RTTY October 6,598
CQ WW Phone October  54,695,824
ARRL Nov Sweeps CW November  669,764
WAE RTTY November  3,258,855
ARRL Nov Sweeps Phone November  534,386
CQ WW CW November  49,813,494
ARRL 160 Meter CW December  840,602
ARRL 10 Meter December  2,475,298
RAC Winter December  3,532,214

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