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Who's Going to be On !

Last updated: 2023 Apr 15

Here's the latest list as to who's planning to be on from where during this year's Ontario QSO Party.  It has been developed from past years' participation or submissions from the online page.
Help us keep this list up-to-date:

Post your operating plan on: Operating Plan Submission Page
OR OQP e-mail reflector
OR CCO e-mail reflector
OR email direct to

You can join the Ontario QSO Party e-mail discussion list by navigating to the OQP and click Join.

Further below, you'll find some Tips To Increase Your Score!

2023 Operation Chart
OQP Bonus Stations in RED
Multiplier   Who to Look For !







MAN, ALG (Possibly SUD)







U.S.   Look for MI QP on Sat.


CANADA   Look for QC operators on Sun.
  VA6RCN, VA7BEC, VE9ML, VE5MX, VA4JP, K0MKL/VE4, VE2KLW (40m only)
Algoma District ALG VA3OGG/R, VE3ZDR
Brant County BRA  
City of Brantford BFD  
Bruce County BRU VE3IHR
City of Chatham-Kent CHK  
Cochrane District COC  
Dufferin County DUF  
Durham Region DUR VE3CRU
Elgin County ELG VE3ODX(VE3MGY), VE3GAM (Sun POTA)
Essex County ESX  
Frontenac County FRO  
Grey County GRY VE3OSR, VE3FP
City of Haldimand HAL  
Haliburton County HLB  
City of Hamilton HAM VE3IMU, VE3DC, VE3LRL
Hastings County HAS VA3NGE
Huron County HUR  
City of Kawartha Lakes KAW VA3TPS
Kenora District KEN VE3JJX (CW)
Lambton County LAM  
Lanark County LAN VA3RAC(VE3VY)
Leeds and Grenville County LGR VA3CCO(VE3VN)
Lennox and Addington County LXA VE3PJ
Manitoulin District MAN VA3OGG/R
Middlesex County MSX VE3LON(also POTA), VE3UZ, VE3GYL
Muskoka District MUS  
Niagara Region NIA VE3EJ
Nipissing District NIP VE3LPO, VE3CCX
City of Norfolk NFK  
Northumberland County NOR VE3WRL
City of Ottawa OTT VA2VT/R VE3CCO(VE3TM)
Oxford County OXF  
Parry Sound District PSD


Peel Region PEL  
Perth County PER  
Peterborough County PET VE3NNT
Prescott-Russell United Counties PRU VA2VT/R
City of Prince Edward PED  
Rainy River District RAI  
Renfrew County REN  
Simcoe County SIM VA3AVT
Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry United Counties SDG VA2VT/R
Sudbury District SUD VE3AC
Thunder Bay District TBY VE3CX
Timiskaming District TIM  
City of Toronto TOR VE3TW, VE3MV, VE3GJP
Waterloo Region WAT VE3UM, VE3HZ
Wellington County WEL VE3FH
York Region YRK VE3NRT

A few tips to increase your score!

  1. Don't just "search and pounce" on stations calling "CQ", find a good parking spot and call "CQ Ontario QSO Party" yourself. You'll be very surprised at the amount of activity you can generate on a seemingly "dead" band by putting out a "CQ" !
  2. Don't forget the "easy" multipliers i.e. folks who are close to you that you can work on the VHF bands or via groundwave on the "higher" HF bands. Don't forget to make a quick call on the VHF frequencies at 15 minutes past the hour.
  3. For Ontario stations, mults are also Canadian provinces/territories, U.S. states, and DXCC there are lots of multiplier points out there for you to collect. Also folks outside Ontario will be working the contest too. If the lower HF bands are "dead" try the higher HF bands and vice-versa.
  4. U.S.A. stations close to the border should give a few shouts on VHF. Also try six meters for "E-skip" openings into Ontario.
  5. Ontario stations should "listen up" in U.S. phone allocations for U.S. stations calling from time to time.
  6. Don't forget to work CW. Even if your CW isn't very good most folks will "slow down" or "QRS" to work you.
  7. Listen extra hard for weak signals such as mobile and QRP stations.
  8. Use a computer to do your log. All of the logging programs that support the Ontario QSO Party (except Write-log and N1MM+) run in good old-fashioned MS-DOS so that junky old 386, 486 and in some cases even a 286 can be used. This will make calculating your score and checking for duplicate contacts a whole lot easier. It'll also make the contest manager's life a whole lot easier too!!
  9. Other contests will be in progress at the same time as the Ontario QSO Party. Check out WA7BMN's excellent contest calendar to find out who else is going to be on the air !! For example - if you work a MI station during their contest, consider giving both exchanges - "W8xxx 59 Muskoka and number x Ontario. "
    For exchanges with Quebec stations "VE2xxx 59 Ontario Muskoka" and obtain
    their administrative region exchange.
  10. The OQP counts towards the State QSO Party Challenge


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