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Hello CCO,

On behalf of the online conference organizing committee (Tony VE3RZ and Ron VE3VN) we are formally announcing the second annual CCO Winter online conference. It will take place Saturday February 5 and it will have a similar format to last year's event. Hopefully we'll get this pandemic licked and we'll see each other in person at John's BBQ this summer.
We are moving the start time forward 1 hour to make time to those who want to participate in the new EU-DX contest. It starts at 18Z (1pm EST) when the high bands close to Europe but we at least want to finish in time for the late afternoon 40 meter opening. Unfortunately there are too many contests on the calendar to avoid them all.
12:00 - 12:20  Open mic -- arrive early and chat with other CCO members
12:20 - 12:30  CCO business, led by CCO President, John VE3EJ
12:30 -  1:15  3-elements on 40 meters -- Ron VE3VN
 1:15 -  2:00  SO2R from a city lot - a journey -- Ian VE3JI
 2:00 -  2:45  My remote contesting station experience -- Les VE3NNT
 2:45 -  3:00  More sCCOre with VHF -- Dana VE3DS
 3:00 -  3:45  Improve your score with SO2R -- Vlad VE3JM
 3:45 -  4:30  Contesting at PJ2T -- Rob VE4GV
You'll notice that not one talk will be about 160 meters; I think we covered that pretty well last year! I am especially pleased that we have two speakers on SO2R since it is one of the best ways to increase contest scores. Each talk will be 45 minutes, including time for questions. We'll again use the chat feature of Zoom to direct your questions to the speakers.
The registration process is the same as last year. Send me a direct email (ve3vn @, or direct to my gmail) with your call sign, name and email address. If you registered last year and your personal info is unchanged your call sign is sufficient. The Zoom URL and other conference details will be sent to registrants one day before the event.
Due to the pivot from in-person to an online event we are running late in our planning. Please do not delay registering. After we have the first wave of CCO members registered we will invite select non-CCO members. These include sister clubs and a few others. The Zoom licenses generously offered for our use have a limit on the number of participants.
If you have any questions please send them to me or Tony. The speakers are busy preparing their talks. We look forward to seeing you Saturday February 5,
73 Ron VE3VN


2019 by CCO